YEAR 12 – 2017


2017 Corte Real – RIO’S BOOGIE NIGHTS 

PLAYBOY: Hugh Hefner John Breaux and Playboy Bunny Sonja Randazzo

DUKES OF HAZZARDS: Daisy Duke Caroline Burdette and Beau Duke Jeremy Martin

URBAN COWBOY: Sissy Davis Sheena Delcambre and Bud Davis Conrad Delcambre

Queen Isabel XII Elizabeth Shepherd, King Pedro XII Joey Domingue

SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER: Stephanie Manero Colin Riggs and Tony Manero Duane Delhomme

FLEETWOOD MAC: Mick Fleetwood Monte Potier and Stevie Nicks Cindy Comeaux

DICK DIGGLER, BOOGIE NIGHTS: Ball Capitao Gil Zaunbrecher

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