Parada 2019

6:30 PM

The Parada of the Krewe of Carnivale en Rio has become the premier Mardi Gras event in Acadiana. The Parada has become known for its colorful floats, dazzling lights and dancers and the huge amount of beads, throws and custom maracas we shower on the faithful parade-goers.

Beginning this year, the festivities will kick off for the Float Riders with a Pre-Parada Block Party. Members will load their beads and get their faces painted while dancing in the streets.

Don’t worry if you aren’t a Krewe Member, we will have bags of beads, amazing throws and custom maracas to toss out to the thousands that come out for this Mardi Gras Kick Off event.  Make sure you have your RIO ROCKS signs ready!

Schedule of Events

1:00 PM – Pre-Parada Party (members only) – View Pre-Parada Party details here

6:30 PM – Parada Begins

Parada Tracker – Follow this link

Secret to Catching Maracas and
Beads Unveiled

If you want to catch the big beads and RIO Custom Maracas, you need a RIGHT HERE RIO SIGN.  Good news is that you can get one for FREE. Just head on over to Lowry’s Printing on Pinhook, Ricky Smith Audio on Johnston, Acadian Symphony on Travis or Uniformity on Kaliste Saloom.


Signs available

What You Will See


We know why kids and adults alike line the streets and guard their spots for hours before the Krewe of Rio Parade begins!!  Our Float Riders will never disappoint.  Known all over Acadiana for having the best and most beads thrown at any parade, Krewe Rio delivers! Custom RIO Footballs and Cups, beautiful and big tropical colored beads and custom made maracas, we will be sure to have something for everyone!



When you think of Carnivale you think of bright lights, colors galore and dancers everywhere.  The Krewe of Rio brings Carnivale to the streets of Lafayette with LED Dancers and Bicyclists and Brazlian themed Floats to amaze parade goers of all ages.



Rio Custom Maracas

The Krewe of Rio has its own special Carnival throw…the Rio Maraca, introduced in Rio Parada 2016. To catch a custom decorated Rio Maraca is to catch the prize throw of Mardi Gras in Acadiana! 
It was only natural that the Krewe chose the maraca to be its custom throw. Maracas originated in Portugal and traveled with Portuguese colonists to Brazil. From there, this fun percussion instrument spread throughout Central and South America and symbolizes the heartbeat of Latin America. 
Rio members decorate real gourd maracas, adoring them with paint, glitter, sequins and their own signatures. Krewe members hold their own maraca-decorating parties and friendly competition. 
If you’re lucky enough to catch one, post a pic of yourself with your maraca on our Facebook page Rio Maraca Tracker located at Seeing you with your catch is a great reward for our members!

Float Order

Print out the order of the floats so you know when your friends are coming.  The names listed are the Captains in charge of each float.  

Don’t forget your Rio Rocks signs!!!