Krewe of Carnivale en Rio

Our Unique History!

The story of the Krewe of Carnivale en Rio began in 2005 when a group of eleven friends, all seasoned veterans of other Lafayette area Mardi Gras krewes, decided to bring a new approach to Mardi Gras Carnival merriment to Acadiana. The founders of the Krewe were Elaine and Kenny Bernhard, Cindy and Larry Comeaux, Tina and Howard DeRouen, Charla Gail and Walter Glod, Rebecca and Don Landry and Ted Viator.

Inspired by the spirit of the world famous Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, the founders decided on a Brazilian theme for the new Krewe of Rio. The Carnival spirit represents a moment of freedom and release through music, song and dance. Invitations were sent out to friends and relatives to become one of the 495 charter members of this new Krewe.

Dom Pedro I was the first emperor of Brazil in 1822. His granddaughter, Dona Isabel, became the regent (reigning monarch) three times while her father, Dom Pedro II, traveled abroad. Isabel was known as Isabella the Redeemer, as she was the one who signed the Final Abolition of Slavery Edict in 1888. The Krewe’s founders decided that its monarchs would be called King Pedro and Queen Isabel.

In Fall 2005, the Directors of the Krewe celebrated the adoption of an ordinance by the Lafayette Consolidated Government, which gave the Krewe of Rio the city’s “thumbs-up” to hold its parade two Saturdays before Fat Tuesday. In essence, this makes the Rio Parada the “Kick-Off” parade of Mardi Gras in Lafayette. The Krewe of Rio is delighted with the honor and keeps its promise to impress by delivering quite a show.

In addition to the annual Rio Parada, each year the Krewe holds the Rio Ball near Twelfth Night, marking the start of the Carnival Season in Acadiana, along with the Spring Crawfish Boil and Summer Sambada Party.