General Contact Information

Have Questions or Media Inquiries For the Krewe?

Questions for the Krewe and/or Media Inquiries may be sent to our email, or text (337) 444-5222. Thank You!

Executive Committee

President Brenda Franz

Vice-President Matthew Trahan

Secretary Monique Rachal

Treasurer Simone Degeytaire

Ball Capitão Tanya Zaunbrecher

Parada Governador Janice LeBlanc

Member At Large — John Breaux

Board Of Directors

Ball Lieutenant — Leah Pastor

Beads & Throws Chair — John Breaux

Beads & Throws Assistant — Jeremy Martin

Data Chair — Marybeth Lowry

Facilities Chair, Lafayette — Rob Gutierrez

Facilities Chair, New Iberia — John Dayries

Float Leaders Chair — Curtis Logue

Membership Chair — Barbie Castro

Merchandise Chair — Kelly LaBry

Royalty Chair — Michael Perioux

Socials Chair — Danielle Cyriaque

Performers Chair — Amos Batiste

Publicity Chair — Jamie Boudreaux

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A Rio membership is comprised of a primary member plus a secondary member or guest. At this time, we do not offer single memberships. A married couple, a dating couple, a woman and her date, two buddies or roommates…all are examples of two people on one membership.