Rio Members

Member Code of Conduct

  • Be in the spirit of the celebration!
  • Maintain a personal respect for Krewe members, and refrain from any type of harassment toward any members and/or their guests.
  • Adhere to all jurisdictional laws.
  • Cooperate with Krewe procedures and policies.
  • Meet all Krewe financial obligations in a timely manner.
  • Refrain from using the Krewe for personal or political gain.
  • Refrain from jeopardizing the health and/or saftey of Krewe members and/or their guests.
  • Refrain from actions or public statements that will negatively affect the positive public relations image of the Krewe of Rio.

Rio Parada Rules & Safety Guildelines

  • If you do not ride in the Rio Parada for two consecutive years, you will be placed on the Official Non-Rider Member List and no longer assigned to your original float.
  • Each Membership must purchase a minimum bead package or equivalent amount from the Krewe of Rio each year.
  • Each Guest Rider much purchase a minimum bead package or equivalent amount from the Krewe of Rio each year.
  • Be officially registered to ride on a Rio float with your Float Captain.
  • All riders must be 21 years old or older.
  • Wear an official Krewe Float Rider Costume (shirt & pants).
  • Face must be painted or wear a mask.
  • Any beads/throws not purchased through the Krewe of Rio can only be loaded to your float on Parada Day while parked on Surrey Street.
  • No smoking or vaping on any float.
  • No exiting the floats during the parada without a police escort.
  • No glass of any kind is allowed on the floats at any time.
  • No throwing or displaying sex beads/toys of any kind, etc. at any time.
  • No jello shots/syringes allowed on floats during the parada ride.
  • No lasers, spotlights, fog/smoke machines, confetti, or confetti cannons allowed on floats.
  • No encouraging children to step outside of the barricade areas.
  • No throwing beads in un-barricaded areas.
  • No throwing full bags of beads to any spectator(s) during the parada ride.
  • No throwing items (trash, empty bead bags/boxes, jello shots, etc) at any time.
  • No gasoline containers allowed on floats or transport trucks at any time.

Failure to follow the Code of Conduct and Parada Guidelines may result in the termination of membership.

What you get!

  • Two Rio Member Ball Tickets (non-transferable)!
  • Two Rio Parada Float Rider spots!
  • Annual Rio Crawfish Boil
  • Annual Sambada (where Royalty is chosen)

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